piece of me - tania doko


Piece of Me - Released February 6th 2019 as part of the very first Eurovision Australia Decides contest

Hungry - Asino feat. Tania Doko

Asino featuring Tania Doko - NETHERLANDS JULY 2016. 

Dancing in the rain - damon hess ft tania doko


Dancing In the Rain - Damon Hess feat. Tania Doko, released January 2018 through Strange Fruits.

You and I - Leroy Styles feat. Tania Doko

Leroy Styles featuring Tania Doko(Powerhouse Records, 2014)

maff boothroyd & deep matter ft tania doko

 Maff Boothroyd and Deep Matter (feat. Tania Doko), November 2017 through Something Records.

Daylight - Nikolaz feat. Tania Doko

Wish You Were Here Now - Jason Chance & Gabi Newman feat. Tania Doko

Make Me Over - Sambody feat. Tania Doko

Joyride - Electric version feat. Tania Doko

Curious (Pitch Dark Remix) - DJ Darren Glen feat. Tania Doko

Floor On Fire - Taylor Dayne

Joyride (King Cutter Remix)

Don't Say Goodbye - The Veronicas feat. Tania Doko

It's Time EP

What You wanted p'roz ft tania doko

All My Fault/Plastic Tour Edition(She Said Yes)

Loved & Lost (Bachelor Girl)

Beautifully Wrong (Bachelor Girl)

Dysfunctional (Bachelor Girl)

Waiting For The Day (Bachelor Girl)