Post Euro summer update...

 Hey peeps!

Well it's always too long in between drinks with my blog.. I know ;-)
Forgive me please!

So, the headlines are:

My record is well and truly under way now. Penned 2 new songs last week, and had an inspiring & productive week on my existing priority songs with Maria Marcus & Stefan Orn out at the jaw-dropping Dreamhill Studios, and finished up the week at Scandinavian songs back at Maria Torget, also with Niclas Lundin. I feel as though we have serious momentum now, and can't get enough!!! I WISH I could tell you about the lead song, and who's involved, but I just can't yet (grrrr… I know, so cliche and boring) BUT needless to say, I LOVE this track and who's associated with it. It says so much literally and ironically, as well as me feeling like an alien sometimes way up here in the north. A very welcome alien at the least ;-) Where are we at now? Half of the record is enjoying some last minute tweaks and is being mixed as we speak..

On the live front, I've been gigging my ass off ;-) Both on the Pride circuit and my new pop rock Swedish band.. Since I last wrote I performed at Leeds Pride & Manchester Pride (rocking' crowds at both, caught some London Olympic action & Manchester Pride was a secret dream come true!). Booked a run of Finnish pop rock gigs showcasing album material and tunes never before played. We rehearsed and played hard! I've said it before but there are fewer things finer than playing new tunes in a new country. What a buzz, and to feel like people are really feeling these songs, just after one time of hearing them, is the shizzle. Please check out our pics on the photo page and keep checking tour dates as we are booking more gigs for Sweden and Finland before the year's out. I also have a little acoustic performance in London on Sept 30 at The Apartment, Soho (see flyer), and will be playing a little old and a little new with one of my favourite person's on the planet, Dean Lotherington, who musically produced the theatre piece, 'Seriously. The Pet Shop Boys Reinterpreted' I featured in. London friends - hope to see you there for a special afternoon showcasing Aussie talent..

I also squeezed in a Sardegnian (Italy) holiday. LOVED that island, mixed in with a dose of the mother country...

The countdown is also on to get a truck load done in the studio before I go back to Oz for Christmas, and to secure the right label for the release of this record. Nothing concrete yet, and I'm still an independent artist and loving the creative freedom. Starting again (but not in a way) in Europe has been a great, next challenge for me, and most of the time I thrive on it, and of course, sometimes I feel like the the big Aussie alien that doesn't belong. But careful what you wish for, and I most certainly got that. It's wonderful to be reaping benefits of my trips back and forth, and to have established strong business, creative and friendship ties in Europe now. I feel like I've created a little family here too, and while nothing replaces home, I can feel and see an inspired future here in Sweden… and right now, I'm very present to this and am feeling the joy of making music, friendships and a real life here.

Have you checked out yet? We are well and truly under away in Sweden! Please get in touch with us if you're an up and coming artist, writer or producer looking to connect with Sweden's music elite! We could make a difference…

I'm finally starting Swedish language classes in 2 weeks. AHHHH! Yes something MUST be done. My Swedish is pathetic and I need to be involved in more Scandic conversations, so I'm giving it a good crack!

My mum arrives in 11 days…AHHHHH x 100! So excited to spend some serious quality time with her, and to reveal this extraordinary part of the world to her. I miss Australia in so many ways, people who I've known forever, and read THE AGE every day just so I can stay connected ;-) I'm missing things like AFL footy finals fever, and RAMP's reunion (Whitelion and Reach's program for mentoring young people in residential care), my 20 year high school reunion at OLSH… but the distance forces me to dig deeper and appreciate you all even more. I can't wait to unleash new material for real this time as an artist again, not just as a songwriter. It's been a long time coming. Thanks for your patience and your loyalty.. particularly on all the online forums.. you're awesome.

Bachelor Girl and/or myself solo may do a 'homecoming show' this Oz summer. I'll keep you posted of course.

OK I better sign off before I get way too mooshy for anyone to handle. I've probably already crossed that line already ;-) Please stay in touch in whatever way floats your boat.

'Til next time!

Puss och kram

Doko out x

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  • Brodie


    so excited for the times ahead! great to read what uv been up to. Some very excited people watching and awaiting for your little gems to surface! all in good time im sure! lots of love and loyalty as always to you xx brodie

    so excited for the times ahead! great to read what uv been up to. Some very excited people watching and awaiting for your little gems to surface! all in good time im sure!

    lots of love and loyalty as always to you xx


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