When you know, you know 

There are few things in this world more spellbinding than a great vocal, the captivating magic of a beautiful, resounding singing voice. One of those belongs to Tania Doko, the way she connects, how it carries. Listen and you’ll find out. 

Music has taken her all around the world, up charts and down winding roads where anything can and has happened thus, chances are you’ve already heard her. Then you’d already know that some journeys continue without an end. Relentlessly forwards, the work of Tania Doko. 

Harder Now 

Beauty attracts beauty, the cycle spins to set all meaningful things in motion, drawing from all sorts, even the broken. In fact, the beauty found there radiates a very special light. In July of 2023, Tania Doko will release a first single from her forthcoming EP. It’s called Harder Now, for very good reason, love. She’s two feet firm on Australia’s red soil again, for this, a new chapter in her music. 

How it all comes together 

Her career started early and precisely on a coffee table, cheered on by her proud Italian/Albanian family but thus far, Tania Doko is perhaps best known for her work in the ARIA awarded pop-duo Bachelor Girl. Their success is tremendous and together with James Roche she’s responsible for hit-songs like ‘Buses and Trains’, irresistibly cutting through anything to become the most played Australian composition on radio Down Under over the last 20 years. Signed by Clive Davies, the album ‘Waiting for the Day’ went double platinum. 

The adventures with Bachelor Girl has been many and continues on to this day. Touring and continuously releasing a string of new material and only this year they released the song ‘Calling out your name’ whilst joining Darren Hayes on the road, a particular relationship that began when Tania Doko toured with him back in 2007. 

The many adventures with Bachelor Girl lead Tania and James to be cast in leading roles in ‘Tim Rice’s Musical Spectacular’ alongside INXS at one point. How about that but then, that is but half the story. 

Meanwhile and please, do try to keep up 

Tania Doko also moved to Sweden for ten years, got married, built a family, wrote hit records with The Veronicas, Jessica Mauboy, Eric Bazilian, Taylor Dayne, Delta Goodrem, Sheppard, Tina Arena, to name a few. She’s done Disney film, K-pop and even dabbled in Eurovision hey, at one point she herself was a contestant singing her amply named song ‘Piece of Me’. 

She performed at the Sydney Opera House with ‘Hear Me Roar’ alongside some of Australia’s finest. She toured with Australia’s ‘Let’s get together’, with Jon Stevens, Ian Moss and Jack Jones, started a successful podcast for exile Aussies in Sweden, was given a role in ‘Seriously. The Pet Shop Boys Reinterpreted’ in Edinburgh, UK, to the great pride and joy of The Boys themselves. Oh my, left to her own devices. 

She’s been a judge on Channel 7’s ‘Popstars’, an APRA ambassador and you should know she holds a degree in Psychology and Criminology. Helpful in her work for positive change, dealing with troubled youth in Australia. Some of her most rewarding, vital work as she calls it. 

She’s continuously lent her voice to the European EDM scene, writing and featuring with acts like Leroy Styles, Deep Matter, Gabi Newman. She’s sung to LGBTQ audiences from Manchester’s Pride to Sydney’s Mardi Gras. 

Then when the world stopped, Tania re-evaluated. There was a very special dream of an album of her own, it grew and just like that, in 2021, Tania Doko and her family moved back to Australia. 

Dealing with a longing heart, roots grow long but there’s nothing quite like the source, home. 

Where do we go now? 

The welcome was warm. Joining the cast of ‘Fleetwood Mac Orchestrated’, touring all around the country, such beautiful homecoming. Numerous shows with Bachelor Girl and seeing both her and James now shared the same continent, it generated renewed energy to meet the popular demand of seeing them perform live again. 

But it’s time. 

The beauty’s in the broken 

In Stockholm, from time to time, she would write music for artists with Mattias Lindblom. Often it would fail, in a sense. Perhaps because the music was simply too personal, too perfectly fitting to hand over to anyone else thus, the songs were saved, destined to be Tania Doko’s own. 

So here we are, it’s 2023. Tania Doko’s first solo material in 15 years, completed. It started with the song Harder Now, a song that musically and lyrically brings you straight into the heartily core of the work. It’s hypnotic, pulsating, tribal. A current and emotional tidal wave to simply, ride, travel with you. 

Creating the wave 

The work was finished back home, in Melbourne, Australia. It was produced by Mattias Lindblom and there are some very fine musicians featuring on it. It takes a web spun, from deep devotion to the craft, to capture a moment like this. Than courage, hope and faith to step into oneself, to be genuine. This is Tania Doko, always a forwards movement. 

Out of the heart, comes everything and in the light, it’s golden…