Dancing In the Rain - Damon Hess & Deep Matter featuring Tania Doko


Dancing In the Rain - Damon Hess feat. Tania Doko, released January 2018 through Strange Fruits.


So Damn Beautiful - Maff Boothroyd and Deep Matter featuring Tania Doko


 Maff Boothroyd and Deep Matter(feat. Tania Doko), November 2017 through Something Records.

Hungry - Asino feat. Tania Doko

Asino featuring Tania Doko - NETHERLANDS JULY 2016. 

Make Me Over - Sambody feat. Tania Doko

Sambody featuring Tania Doko(Top DJ Records/SONY Sweden 2015)

You and I - Leroy Styles feat. Tania Doko

Leroy Styles featuring Tania Doko(Powerhouse Records, 2014)

Daylight - Nikolaz feat. Tania Doko

Nikolaz featuring Tania Doko(Tiger Records, 2014)

Wish You Were Here Now - Jason Chance & Gabi Newman feat. Tania Doko

Tania's collaboration with Jason Chance and Gabi Newman, 2012. Housesession Records.

Joyride - Electric version feat. Tania Doko

The original Electrixx version of JOYRIDE as heard on Disney's 'STEP UP 3D’ movie

Curious (Pitch Dark Remix) - DJ Darren Glen feat. Tania Doko

Tania features with DJ Darren Glen as a songwriter and featured vocalist on the Australian dance smash hit, "Curious" (Vicious Vinyl, 2009).

Floor On Fire - Taylor Dayne

Tania co-wrote and sang backing vocals on Taylor Dayne's smash hit single 'Floor On Fire' which peaked at number 7 on the U.S Billboard Dance Charts in July 2011

What You Wanted - P'roz feat. Tania Doko

Released 15th April 2010 - P'roz featuring Tania Doko

Joyride (King Cutter Remix)

'Joyride' (Kingcutter remix featuring Twin Atoms) - original featured on Disney's Step Up 3D

Don't Say Goodbye - The Veronicas feat. Tania Doko

Late in 2009, Tania wrote and performed with international pop stars The Veronicas on the cut, "Don’t Say Goodbye” (featuring Tania Doko).

It's Time EP

'It's Time' - electro/rock. Produced by Tania Doko and David Norland. 
Other collaborators/co-writers include Cameron McGlinchey, Jack Jones, James Roche.

All My Fault/Plastic Tour Edition(She Said Yes)

Constantly writing, recording, and performing Tania put together a new album and a new electro rock band called SHE SAID YES(post Bachelor Girl). Securing the support for the Darren Hayes national tour October 2007, SHE SAID YES released their critically acclaimed debut independent EP to coincide with the tour.

Loved & Lost(Bachelor Girl)

Bachelor Girl's greatest hits combined with four previously unreleased "Lost" songs (2011)

Beautifully Wrong(Bachelor Girl)

"Beautifully Wrong was the third album that was supposed to come out in 2003, but never got released," explains Doko. "We've put about four of the songs from it on CD (Loved & Lost), though, with the rest being the big singles and the more commercial songs… but the remainder of the songs are on Beautifully Wrong - they're the lost songs.”

Dysfunctional(Bachelor Girl)

The second studio album by Australian band Bachelor Girl, released in Australia through Gotham Records on August 5, 2002.
"I'm Just A Girl" - The first single released off of 'Dysfunctional', reached #3 on the Australian Airplay Charts.

Waiting For The Day(Bachelor Girl)

The debut album by Australian band Bachelor Girl, released in Australia through Gotham Records on 9 November 1998.
The album was released in various territories world wide, and the band's highest selling album, spawning 5 successful singles.